Below; early promotional video featuring my and the other four artists work in process;
David Reed James, Laurie Keeley, Jeremy Lamberton and Daniel Sutliff

 "An Immersive Art Experience;
The EXPERIENCE is an artist-driven, large-scale, fully immersive art installation that invites participants to explore a fantastical, multimedia environment through sight, sound, movement, and touch. This ambitious new project has completely transformed the second floor of the Hardesty Center. Five local lead artists have guided the creative direction of the project. The art itself takes the form of fantastical multimedia that guests will experience and interact with as they move through the space."

-- ahhaTulsa Website

Now Open! June 2018 - December 2019. Please visit for hours, admission and information! 

Above; small room, "A Compendium of Guides" mixed media installation. 
Below; large room, "The World" mixed media installation

As one of the five lead artists on this project, I worked from Fall 2017 until our opening June 30th 2018 creating a space for play, exploration and that could function as a doorway into art and it's varied definitions. My 'piece' in two parts (physical spaces) titled, "Journey To The Center Of The Universe" centers around taking common themes and styles from my two dimensional work and expanding them into three dimensional space. Conceptually, the work plays with ideas about the journey of life, through grand representations of mother earth, the universe, or The World as described in the Tarot, all the way back to The Fool, or our beginning in novelty, innocents and naivete.