This new body of work is about the journey, at first I was building models off of doing my own interpritation on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, but this felt too forced and too done. Also the work concept has evolved to be about finding myself again after motherhood. The first piece in the series can be seen to the right; "The Queen of Cups, The Two of Wands" 38x38" colored pencil, acrylic, and mounted wood and LED on panel. 2019 

This new work will marry my large scale installation work and my 2D drawings. I have been dreaming about this series for a decade. The pieces fuse my two fields of art practice together by building small lit dioramas within the 2D panels which simulate the immersion of my installation work at an internal scale. Worlds build into figures chests. These “built-ins” may call to mind a Fabergé Egg, or an advent calendar. 

Arcere, Arcanus, Arca, Arceo! 

From Latin

Arcanus: (“hidden, secret”),

from Arcere: (“to withhold”), 

Arca: (“a chest”).


1. shut up, enclose; box in.
2. keep off, ward off.
3. defend, protect (from).