ETA Group to create Anhelitio House: An evolving performance installation.
During the Wundrian exhibition, ETA will work together to create The Anhelitio House, an evolving artwork the audience will be able to physically enter. The Anhelitio House is a translucent structure ETA will paint during the opening(s) to create an evolving, hypnotic environment that will envelope the audience as they walk through and stand inside the house. Colors and images will breathe through the walls and arrive and disappear as the LED lighting shifts through the color spectrum, creating the illusion that what you see may or may not be “real.”
Anhelitio House is a physical space in which the audience will be enveloped. While nature is the most prolific conjurer of wonderment, human invention or ingenuity can also evoke this effect. Art in this context is, by its nature and intent, designed to evoke genuine pleasure and childlike wonder. By creating live art that literally surrounds the audience, Anhelitio House submerges everyone present into the moment of creation, invention and evolution, allowing the act of art making to be shared and enjoyed by all.
Latin, definition:
1.     Iridescence, play of colors
2.     Panting, gasping
3.     Shortness of breath

ETA is a collective of artists living and working in Tulsa, comprised of Tahlia Ball, Tommy Lee Ball, Grace Grothaus Grimm, JP Morrison Lans, Jason Lockhart, Libby Williams and May Yang. The name stands for “Estimated Time of Arrival,” which refers to a shared departure point from which we explore our work in search of new destinations. The name also references the idea of “Exploring Tulsa Artists,” as we hope to experiment collectively and then share our work with the public as a unified group with a distinct vision.