​​​    I work primarily with drawing mediums and encaustic to create realistic yet altered figurative portraits. I also am an installation artist, who explores imagery of houses, forts, and fantasy spaces to create playful realms, and re-explore classic symbolism.
    I first became known for my vivid figurative work in 2000 when, at sixteen, I was selected for a solo* exhibition at the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition. The exhibition was planned to be a two person show, but when the partnered artist found out how young I was they backed out. There were lots of reasons that was a silly choice on their part, but they all sound like me bragging on myself and there is quite enough of that going on here already, moving on... In the following years, I received my BFA from the Kansas City Arts Institute and opened and co-curated the Grothaus+Pearl Gallery in the Crossroads Art District. After returning to Tulsa, I created my first installation “Mono-No-Aware” for the 2011 Momentum Exhibition with an honorarium from The Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition. The work was a meditation on the memories and selves we cannot return to. (Ten years later, current 37 year old me laughs cynically). In 2012 I followed some boy to Australia and subsequently my drawing “Mermaid” was chosen for the permanent collection of the Bundaberg Regional Gallery, Queensland. I married the boy and got to live on the beach so it was a really good time-- the poisonous stuff is way worse in Oklahoma folks. I returned to Tulsa in 2014 when my installation “Wundrian” was selected for the Living Arts New Genre Festival. I'm really proud of that exhibit. I became a mother in 2017, and in 2018 I was commissioned to create "Journey to the Center of the Universe" an immersive, interactive installation for “The Experience” at Ahha Tulsa. Being able to create that installation while also being the mother of an 18mo old baby has allowed me feel as though I can achieve anything, as long as I can keep tricking my father, mother and husband into continuous grueling hours of hard unpaid labor. As we weathered the storm that was 2020, I began experimenting with new techniques, mediums and emotions, you can see the new series Fulcrum here. As 2021 unfolds I have enjoyed an online residency with the School of Visual Art NYC, and a residency with the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. My four-year-old and I currently experiment with play-doh and encaustic, respectively, in our home studio, in Tulsa OK.